Our Search Process

JWP Strategic recognizes that great talent is the basis for all successful companies, and our primary recruitment objective is to help our clients build the teams that will solve current business issues and drive lasting achievement and growth.

Meeting Human Resources

Our first step is to meet with a human resource representative and have an in-depth discussion, conduct a needs analysis to determine search requirements. Quite frankly, educating our team on our client’s philosophy’s, culture and history is of the highest priority. We believe at JWP Strategic that we are an extension of the client and should have the knowledge to represent our clients in a way that translate into a positive contact with all potential candidates.

Requirement Development/Meet with Hiring Manager

Developing a precise job description is vital to a successful search. Defining what the client wants and doesn’t want is a critical step in the hiring process. Meeting directly with the hiring manager is critical to a successful search process. Although a job description gives the general requirements of the position, most hiring manager have specific requirements or concerns that can be vetted in the initial candidate contact and through the search process.


Our consultants understand to be successful on any search requires a solid foundation. The foundation in the search process is clearly the research prior to kicking off the search. Conducting thorough research into our client’s organization, their competitors, industry and marketplace, we strive to understand our clients hiring needs and requirements. We stay engaged and in ongoing dialogue with the brightest, most accomplished professionals. This dynamic blend of skilled business acumen and market insight creates a powerful combination through which we find the best talent for our clients.

Candidate Sourcing

Identification of passive top talent is the specialty of JWP Strategic search consultants. Sourcing through standard social media outlets like LinkedIn, X, Facebook etc… are only a small part of JWP Strategic efforts. Our consultants have developed long lasting relationships through many industries and functional areas that deliver exceptional results. How do we do this… the old fashion way! Staying focused and communicating directly with the top talent and that gives us an edge over our competition.

Candidate Evaluation

Our consultants are dedicated to working with knowledge, speed, and confidentiality. We understand our clients and candidates, and we appreciate that hiring decisions impact people, companies, families, and careers. Our detailed interviewing process enables JWP Strategic to precisely match qualifications, cultural fit, and long-term compatibility, and it ensures lasting and successful placements. Clients want professionals who are ready and able to tackle the challenges they face. We agree, and we only consider candidates who can deliver the financial, operational, functional and managerial results you require.

Candidate Presentation

Our clients have trusted us time and again for one simple fact: JWP Strategic delivers. Upon completion of our identification and evaluation processes, we provide you a detailed summary of your finest candidates, as well as knowledgeable guidance about how best to proceed. The candidates we present have the technical and functional proficiencies required for each position. Our consultants present candidates who demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and the ability to thrive in a team environment. We look for consensus-building aptitude and a capability to affect change. The candidates we present will be the future leaders of your organization.

Reference Check

Trust is paramount in our partnerships, and we consider the quality of our candidates with the utmost seriousness. We understand that management and executive hiring requires an investment of both time and money. We refuse to jeopardize your valuable resources. JWP Strategic believes in thorough and accurate due diligence. We thoroughly vet our candidates to ensure that who our clients hire is who our clients need. JWP Strategic is committed to our client’s long-term hiring success, and we check candidate references rigorously, making certain that the people you bring aboard are experienced leaders who can drive business results.


We understand negotiations can be challenging, and we are committed to offering intelligent and realistic guidance throughout the process. Our team manages expectations, maintains open communications with our clients and the candidates, and expertly facilitates the negotiation process through to its successful completion. We treat our clients and candidates with professional courtesy at every step, and our consultants are well equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to maximize our clients hiring efforts and ensure long-term satisfaction.

Follow Up

Recruiting is a long term partnership and our reputation along with our clients is of the upmost importance. JWP Strategic consultants stay connected with placed candidates to make sure that after starting their new positions that all is well on the home front. Developing trustworthy relationships with placed candidates and retrieving feedback weeks and months post hire can give our clients important feedback that helps develop and retain top talent.